Sally Craig Psychotherapy


Whatever has happened and whatever you are facing, I’m offering to build a therapeutic relationship with you in which you can safely explore what being you is like, grow through the challenges and even uncover new ways of being you.

If you are ready to set aside the time each week for this personal journey, email to arrange your free first appointment.

How it works

We spend regular time together focused on you and what you want to explore. I listen with curiosity to grasp your understanding of your issues and their context, offering you my reflections and occasionally a theoretical framework, where it might be helpful. Research shows that the work depends on the quality of our relationship, which is why I offer you a reliable boundaried space and aim to grow your trust in our relationship from our first encounter.

I respect that we are exploring your life and that it is your journey. I am there alongside you for the duration of the work, until you feel ready to continue without me. Some clients are gratified by how quickly they bond with me and feel secure, ready to dive deep with greater honesty, whereas to others the relationship does not feel as significant. We are all different.

I am interested in your past - how you developed your understanding of your identity and how you relate to others. I enjoy working creatively with metaphor which can offer new insights and encourage you to express yourself in new ways, and there are therapeutic exercises I might offer you. My intention is to continuously build a therapeutically beneficial relationship with you to facilitate your progress towards the goals we agree together at the outset.

No testimonials?

Regrettably, in order to comply with my professional body's code of ethics*, I am not permitted to publish testimonials from satisfied clients. However, in order to explore whether we are a good fit and while you decide whether you want to work with me, your initial consultation will be free of charge.

*United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy